kelley queen, MA

Licensed MFT #140188

Hello and welcome.

I am an associate Marriage and Family therapist and enjoy working with children, teens, adults, couples and families. My background is in holistic therapy, specializing in transpersonal psychology with a client-centered approach. I am also currently training in Somatic Experiencing, which involves the understanding that our bodies store trauma and working with that wisdom in order to help the healing process. I utilize a gentle approach, meeting clients where they are and honoring the client’s desired pace. Creating a safe space is always my first step to inspire a healthy and rich therapeutic relationship. I guide with attuned navigation, supporting and validating your experience while encouraging your sense of self-empowerment to evolve. I view therapy as the road to the connection back to the self; implementing new ways of self-talk that is aligned with authenticity, releasing old belief systems that no longer serve us, and returning back to the core of who we are. I believe in the power of humor, joy and laughter in order to balance heavier emotions and remind us that life carries a wide range of emotions and it can be helpful to take a step back and view things from another perspective. Together we can cry and laugh through the painful moments, explore the depths of your past and present experiences, and dig through the treasures that may have been buried in order for self-protection in times of trauma.

I work with clients with a wide variety of needs, and have experience with the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  •  Identity exploration
  •  Developmental trauma
  •  Dysfunctional family systems
  • Trauma and PTSD
  •  Social justice
  • Boundary work
  •  Inner-critic
  • Self-esteem building
  •  Inner-child healing
  • Creating and maintaining relationships
  • Child/teen/adults on the spectrum
  • ADHD
  • Mindfulness & Self-care
  • Attachment styles
  • Dream work & symbolism
  • Play therapy
  • Expressive arts
  • Astrological charts & chakra system healing

It is a privilege to join your healing journey and hold this honor as a sacred container. I look forward to meeting with you.

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Clinical director
Adrian Reyes, MS, LMFT# 90979