Skillful, Compassionate Therapy in Berkeley

Matthew (Ash) McKernan, MA

Registered Associate MFT #94128
Supervised by Scott Eaton, Licensed MFT #23906


The type of psychotherapy I practice is called Holistic Psychotherapy, this means different things. For one, it means that I view you as a whole and as a variety of interconnected parts. It also means that you are totally and completely unique, while at the same time, inseparable from, and thus impacted by the people, places, things, and events around you, near and far.

Together, we will inquire into the multi-faceted nature of your being: psychological, emotional, somatic, environmental, intuitional, spiritual, physical, social, cultural, political, economic, etc.

These many facets, or “parts” of you, work in concert with each other to produce a felt-sense of “being.” Well-being arises when these parts are in relationship with each other, functioning relatively harmoniously, with a certain degree of flow within and between them. Well-being remains elusive when the relationship between these parts has become blocked, imbalanced, or left unseen. For each of us, this happens in our own particular way:

-identity issues or crises
-relationship problems
-sex and sexuality
-trauma and post-traumatic stress
-creative process and blockages
-compulsions and phobias
-chronic illness / disability / psychosomatic symptoms
-spiritual emergence / non-ordinary states of consciousness
-major life-transitions
-low self-esteem / doubt / shame


I earned an MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Inst. of Integral Studies. I am an “experienced” meditator in Buddhist and Tantric traditions, a musician, performance artist, pagan and activist. I utilize a number of approaches:

-Imaginal / Archetypal / Depth
-Cognitive / Behavioral
-Tarot / Divination / Ritual

I see therapy as a collaborative process. In a sense, you are my guide, and I am yours. Together, we will explore your life and seek for an embodied understanding of your path toward well-being—as defined by you. You are the expert of your own experience. I fully respect and celebrate this fact, and encourage in all my clients the growth of creativity, intuition, self-love, acceptance, empowerment, self-support, compassion, imagination, meaning, and sense of purpose—the roots of a healthy life. I am here to help you align with the natural healing power inherent within life, within you. I look forward to meeting you.

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Clinical director
Roni Gillenson, MA, LMFT# 40438