Skillful, Compassionate Therapy in Berkeley

Kimberley Sevcik, MA

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #117574
Supervised by Amy Tomczak, MFT #38736

I believe that somewhere deep inside we all have an innate sense of well-being, but
life’s many challenges can prevent us from accessing it. I see my therapist role as a
facilitator in the process of connecting with your authentic self, and embracing it –
because that connection will help you make peace with yourself and others, make
healthy choices, strengthen your relationships, and live a more fulfilling life.
I’m interested in knowing you as a whole person in all your unique beauty, and tapping
your strengths to help you navigate your struggles, whatever they may be.
My style is warm, open, compassionate, and non-judgmental. I am profoundly and
authentically interested in who you are and in what moves you, motivates you, scares
you, inspires you.

My approach is grounded in relational psychotherapy, which is about establishing an
authentic connection with you and attuning to your very specific needs and sensibilities.
My work is informed by psychodynamic theory, in particular attachment theory; and I
draw on a range of modalities to support clients to connect with themselves, increase
self-awareness and self-compassion, and address self-destructive patterns. I aim to
support the people I work with to change what they want to change, and can change;
and to make peace with the things they want to change but can’t change.
Depending on what you’re working on, I may use expressive arts therapy to help
surface emotions or parts of the self that may be hidden from view; narrative therapy to
open up new perspectives; and somatic therapy to connect more deeply with feelings,
needs and desires. I also draw on mindfulness, which supports so many aspects of
healing: our ability to slow down and observe the moment, and to respond to ourselves
and others with compassion and grace.
With couples, my work is informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy, which helps
partners identify the primary emotions beneath speech and behavior; to become
vulnerable in one another’s presence; and to reconnect with a new depth of
understanding. With children, I draw primarily on child-led play therapy and expressive
arts therapy to help them express what may not be possible in words, and build self-

Much of my training and interest focuses on trauma and how it shapes the way we see
ourselves and move through the world, and am trained in Dialectical Behavioral
Therapy and as well as being a Somatic Experiencing trainee.
I do this work because I genuinely love human beings; and because I believe that our
imperfections make us beautiful; and because I understand that to be alive sometimes
involves struggle and suffering; and because I have thought and read and thought some
more about how to bear that struggle and suffering and still make it through with
moments or weeks or days of joy. I hope to share that with you, and more.

I earned an M.A. in counseling psychology from the Wright Institute, and I have done in-
depth trauma studies, through Harvard’s Program in Refugee Trauma, through Bessel
Van der Kolk’s Body Keeps the Score workshops, and through my current training in
Somatic Experiencing.
Prior to my therapy career, I worked as a human rights journalist and as an advocacy
strategist, striving toward criminal justice reform and equity for women and girls
worldwide. I have worked in many different cultures, and am mindful about practicing
with deep cultural sensitivity – and always, always, with cultural humility.

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