Skillful, Compassionate Therapy in Berkeley

Frances Jones, MS

Registered Associate MFT #94088
Supervised by Lucy Collier, LMFT#37260

Finding a therapist can be an intimidating, stressful, exciting process all at once. I am
so glad to welcome you to this page, which I hope will get you at least one step closer
to finding the right therapist for you.

You may be seeking therapy now because . . .

  • You are struggling to maintain a sense of balance, stability, or contentment.
  • You are navigating a major life transition.
  • Symptoms of anxiety or depression are making it harder for you to live the kind
    of life you want.
  • Past experiences (e.g., dysfunctional family history, trauma,
    oppression/marginalization) are affecting you in the present.
  • You are having difficulty developing or maintaining healthy, satisfying,
    mutually fulfilling relationships.
  • Taking care of others comes naturally to you, but you’re not sure where to start
    when it comes to caring for yourself.

So many of us feel disconnected, unsupported, or overwhelmed. But even if you value
independence and self-sufficiency, that doesn’t mean you need to “go it alone.”
Therapy can help.

I invite you to join me in an honest, real therapeutic relationship, where
together—with creativity, curiosity, and humor—we can identify and strengthen what
is going well in your life, and also discover and work toward meaningful change.


I love the creative, collaborative work of therapy, which I approach with a sense of
fierce integrity. I believe that our past experiences and relationships influence our
thoughts, emotions, and actions today, and I see the therapeutic relationship as a place
to discover and try out new ways of being and feeling in the world.

I draw on a number of different therapeutic approaches, because I don’t believe that
one size fits all when it comes to therapy. I do, however, have a bias toward the
importance of developing and maintaining self-awareness and balance. My work with
clients is often grounded in the present—with attention to the thoughts, emotions, and
physical reactions that arise in session—but always within the context of past and
ongoing experiences (e.g., familial, cultural).


I have worked with middle and high school students in the East Bay as well as with
individuals and families in a Castro Valley office setting. I completed professional
traineeships at an elementary school in San Leandro, and at a college counseling clinic
in San Francisco. Outside of my professional experience, I have volunteered as a peer
counselor for adults in a community-based East Bay clinic.

I hold a Master of Science in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from San
Francisco State University (2016). I am Gottman Method Level 1 certified.

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