Camara Rajabari, MA

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #128309
Many of us are answering the call to align with what is most meaningful and sacred in our lives; I believe that therapy is one of many paths to understanding this individual and collective journey.

Therapy is my passion. It is also where I thrive and offer service to my East Bay community. My psychotherapy practice is holistic in its foundation—meaning my primary focus is the whole person. Everything a person brings into therapy is important, valid and worthy of exploration. I hold sacred the intersectionality of race, age, sexuality, religion, gender, ability, socio-economic background, citizenship status and more. All identities are welcome in my practice, which I hold with integrity and respect. I work with the understanding that people are multiplicitous and there exist unique relationships to the many parts of the self.

As a cis womxn of African descent who grew up in the Bay Area, I understand the importance of linking our mental health to re-remembering our cultural narratives and evolving identities. I am an advocate for addressing historical harms and healing intergenerational wounds through trauma-informed practices that include ancestral veneration, expressive arts, mindfulness, dream analysis, and the integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

I respect your choice to come to therapy and engage in this transformational work. I bow deeply to your own inner knowing and look forward to our collaboration.

Camara Meri Rajabari

Pronoun: She/Her


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